What Type of Oven Should You Choose for Your New Restaurant Facility?

13 November 2019
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People love to eat out and sample different types of cuisine with friends and family. They may always be on the lookout for new experiences, and you may have noticed that there is a gap in the marketplace for a particular style or theme. In this case, you may have decided to open a brand-new restaurant and bring in an experienced or even celebrity chef, but you will need to make sure that you configure the property correctly and pay particular attention to the kitchen. What type of oven could you consider, for example?

Choosing Your Oven

There are many different oven categories available for a commercial project like this, and much will depend on how you want to position the restaurant. If it is going to be a quick service facility, then you will have to choose an entirely different kitchen configuration to a gourmet, "experience" type of restaurant.


Convection ovens utilise an internal fan that distributes the heat throughout the oven. You will be able to cook meat thoroughly and without any shrinkage, but in less time than some of the alternatives. Nevertheless, you will still be able to turn out high-quality and consistent food in a reasonable amount of time, and this should help you to increase your turnover.


You might want to consider a combination oven that can feature convection heating, steam cooking or both at the same time. These are typically connected to a mains water supply, as they generate a great deal of steam, and you will probably need an overhead extraction system as well. Nevertheless, your chef will love this type of cooker, as it allows them to transfer pans quickly and easily while they are preparing a specific dish.


Perhaps your positioning will call for a charcoal oven, famous for their very specific taste and something that can be part of your entertainment package in itself. After all, customers love to watch the chef in action as they fire up this type of oven and cook the food to perfection. These ovens are also quick and can turn out vegetables and meats of all kinds without the need for plumbing or hardwiring.

Further Information

Talk with your equipment supplier to see what other options are available and to discuss your approach. Remember to take into account the size and configuration of your kitchen, how much energy you will need and whether you will have to get a permit to cover the extraction.

To learn more, contact a commercial kitchen equipment supplier today.