How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Knife for Your Needs

6 September 2017
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If you search for kitchen knives online or at your local department store, you're likely to walk away feeling overwhelmed. There are so many vendors selling so many varieties of kitchenware. How can you tell true premium products from flimsy knockoffs backed up with marketing hype? The answer is steel, the main material in every great kitchen knife. The metal used in knives comes in two varieties: stainless steel and carbon steel. Read More 

Wheels Up! Why Refrigerator Wheels Need Consideration During The Purchase

24 August 2017
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Your family needs a new refrigerator as the old one is not keeping food cold, and with summer just around the corner, there's plenty of yummy food to be eaten. You already have a basic wish list of refrigerator features you would like in your new icebox. But, have you added the wheels to the list? Wheels are certainly not a part of the fridge that buyers think about before purchase, but it can be a problem after purchase if the wheels don't suit your needs. Read More