3 Guidelines on Choosing the Perfect Commercial Refrigeration Equipment for Your Needs

30 November 2020
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Refrigeration is essential for every business that needs cold storage. If you work in the restaurant business or run a similar business, you will need to have reliable commercial refrigeration tools to keep your supplies fresh and healthy. If you choose low-quality commercial refrigeration tools, you might have to deal with losses and reduced customer loyalty. For instance, a seafood restaurant depends on the freshness of their fish to thrive. Without the right equipment, you might even have to deal with spoilt food and food poisoning. 

Here are three guidelines that can help you choose the ideal commercial appliances for refrigeration.

What Are Your Cooling Needs?

The first thing you have to determine is how much cooling your business needs. If you are not sure about your cooling needs, call in the contractor to assess your plant. Some of the factors they consider when making their recommendations are product loads and how much you need to refrigerate daily. 

The parasitic load is the other factor that is not related to your cooling needs but may affect your refrigeration equipment's cooling ability. For instance, if you have a bulb producing heat in the cold storage room, it will indirectly affect your refrigeration needs.

What Does It Cost to Own the Equipment?

The second consideration to make is what it will cost you to own the equipment. The cost of purchase is just the first part of the cost of the equipment. You also have to think about the maintenance and repair costs, the energy bills, and other costs connected to running the equipment. 

For example, a cooling system may seem affordable when you assess the cost of purchase but will be totally out of reach when you factor in the amount you will have to pay for installation, power, and other maintenance costs. Ensure you understand the entire cost of ownership before making the decision.

What Is the Equipment's Energy-Efficiency Rating?

The other factor that you have to think about is the level of energy efficiency of the equipment. Refrigeration equipment gets a rating that shows its capability. The installation contractor will guide you through the ratings and help you understand them and their implications.

These are the considerations to make when installing commercial refrigeration equipment. The crucial thing is to find a professional who understands choosing and installing the systems. They will ensure you get the perfect tools for your needs.