Ways Low-Flow Bathroom Appliances Will Make Your Space Highly Efficient

7 May 2018
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For most homeowners, the prospect of a bathroom remodel can be quite exciting, as it is providing them with the opportunity to transform this typically utilitarian space into a room that they can relax in. However, bathroom renovations tend to focus more on aesthetics than anything else. And while this approach may provide you with a visually pleasing room, it does not help in increasing the efficiency of the bathroom. If you are looking for meaningful additions that will help you in minimising your energy consumption and subsequently decreasing your living costs, then you should deliberate on purchasing low-flow bathroom appliances. From faucets to showerheads and even toilet fixtures, here are the ways that low-flow bathroom appliances will make your space highly efficient.

Low-flow bathroom appliances conserve water

Unquestionably, the most prominent reason why low-flow appliances should feature in your bathroom is the water conservation benefits that they will accord you. Homeowners do not put into consideration the amount of water that goes to waste when they are taking a shower or flushing the toilet several times a day. The water used when you flush your toilet or when the shower is running while you soap your body can add up quickly, and those are litres of water could have been utilised for other purposes around the home. By installing low-flow appliances, you are assured that your water usage is being tempered, which can lead to a drastic decrease in your overall consumption. And with the current drought ravaging various parts of Australia, low-flow bathroom appliances will be a much-needed addition to the home.

Low-flow bathroom appliances conserve energy

A surprising advantage of low-flow appliances in your bathroom is they can play a significant role in energy conservation in your home! When you think about it, a considerable amount of water that you use for your daily tasks is typically hot. Whether you are washing dishes, rinsing your face or taking a bath, you will usually perform these tasks with hot water. If you decrease your water consumption, you inadvertently end up requiring less energy to heat the water in your home. Hence, you will notice that your energy bills will experience a slight decrease that will contribute to major savings on an annual basis. In addition to this, the need to heat less water is also beneficial to your water heater and could end up prolonging its lifespan too! Therefore, you also get to decrease your water heater–related maintenance costs and mitigate your risk of requiring premature hot water tank replacement.